We buy stocklots and overstock in FMCG niche

Purchase of stocklot products in the wholesale industry

Products that we purchase from you are treated strictly according to formerly specified agreements. This means that if you do not want your products to appear in certain markets or countries then they won’t. We adhere strictly to these agreements so that existing price structures and distribution channels for certain products in certain countries won’t be affected. You can make individual arrangements with us for each of your sold products.

We are closely linked to the Russian-speaking countries and Arab states. Within these areas we see our core competencies and so we concentrate our sales on this. However, we also have isolated customers from areas in Africa, South America and the EU. That being said, it is important to us to only cooperate with reliable wholesalers no matter from which country they are. We do not sell to small market traders or retailers.

You can offer us your stock easily and uncomplicated just with pictures and prices. After a short evaluation of your offer we can visit you in your company and decide which quantities we can buy at what price. Everything else is also uncomplicated. If desired, we discuss sales markets and close the purchase by settling the invoice. We then organize a forwarding company which will pick up the products in your warehouse.